Transportation Operations and Dispatching

The transportation industry depends upon professionals who manage and oversee the distribution of goods. Automotive Training Centres’ Transportation Operations and Dispatching Program gives you the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career path as an Operations Manager, Local and Highway Dispatcher, Load Planner, Fleet Maintenance Officer and more.

With our program, you’ll gain skills in using career-related software, such as PC Miler, Satellite System Training and Freight Logix. You’ll advance your knowledge of cargo rules and regulations, safety & compliance, load securement and fleet maintenance & administration. You’ll also learn to provide route and traffic advice to drivers, dispatch emergency assistance when needed, maintain expense record, and monitor workloads, time logs and cargo locations. You’ll gain these skills in our state-of-the-art facilities alongside experienced instructors who are fully invested in your success. Fill out our online form for more information!

With over 25 years of experience in providing professional technical training, ATC has a proven commitment to helping our students achieve their career goals. We offer flexible class schedules and financial aid assistance, so you can pursue your education in a way that works best for you. Our field-related practicums give you the opportunity to gain experience and confidence in a real work environment. ATC’s ongoing career placement services help you locate employment opportunities after you graduate.

Turn your love of all things automotive into an exciting career! Use the online form to get in touch with Automotive Training Centres’ Cambridge campus and find out how you can join the ATC graduates now working across Ontario!


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