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Our Montreal Campus

For over 35 years, Automotive Training Centre (ATC) has provided the best in automotive training programs, helping hundreds of graduates achieve their goal of working in the automotive industry. Our Montreal campus offers career-focused programs that provide hands-on training in our on-site, fully equipped auto shop. No matter where your interest lies, ATC has a program that’s right for you. Browse our programs and use our form to contact us for more information.

Our Montreal campus is located at 7555 Henri-Bourassa Blvd East, easily accessible via public transit, with parking available for staff and students. Our industry-experienced instructors invest in your success by providing a combination of in-class and game-based instruction alongside real-world training in our auto shop. With flexible schedules, experience-building practicums and extensive career services, we do our utmost to ensure you can get the education you need to explore a field you love.

Our Programs

Get the skills you need to inspect vehicles to determine damage, calculate costs of labour and parts needed to repair or replace damaged components, liaise between clients and technicians, fill out insurance forms, prepare work orders and much more.

We also emphasize the importance of developing your customer service and communication skills. As an auto body collision estimator, you can pursue opportunities with new and/or pre-owned car dealerships, auto repair centres, insurance companies and even self-employment.

The average annual pay trade for this trade is +/- $ 40 000-$ 45,000 but it can go up to $ 75,000 with a few years of experience, depending on your skills.

Spend 85% of the program in our auto shop, where you will learn to thoroughly clean, restore, and finish vehicles until they are in showroom-ready condition, bringing real value to any new or previously owned vehicle.

This two-week Auto Detailing program includes courses in Professional Automotive Detailing (P.A.D.), Exterior Preparation and Interior Reconditioning, Used Vehicle Exterior Reconditioning, Vehicle Paint Surface Repair and much more!

As a detailer, you can pursue employment opportunities with new and/or used car dealerships, collision repair shops, car detailing services or explore self-employment options.

Our program combines 40% in-class instruction with 60% hands-on training in our state-of-the-art auto shop. There, you will gain the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as an auto mechanic, identifying mechanical problems, testing and lubricating engines and other components, repairing or replacing worn parts, performing basic care and maintenance and much more.

Key courses include Automotive Service Technician program include Preventative Maintenance, Operation & Servicing of Hydraulic Brake Systems, Wheel Alignment, Electrical Fundamentals, Service Lubrication & Cooling Systems, and Operation & Servicing Fuel Injection Systems.

The economic outlook for automotive service technicians remains steady, with a median salary of $24.04/hour that can increase to $35.50/hour with time and experience (Canada Job Bank, NOC 7321).

L’École de l’Automobile vous propose un programme de mécanique automobile, en français, à Montréal. Cette formation comprend de la pratique en atelier, une période de stage en entreprise, des cours en communications et service à la clientèle et, bien sûr, des cours de mécanique automobile. Elle est donc très complète, et vous préparera à réussir rapidement dans l’industrie automobile. Notre cours de mécanique automobile vous permettra, en seulement quelques mois, de profiter de la conjoncture favorable pour les mécaniciens au Québec.

Nous vous garantissons une formation avant tout pratique, avec au moins 50% du temps passé en atelier. Nous vous offrons également un accompagnement pour chercher de l’emploi, une aide financière, des professeurs expérimentés, et une ambiance agréable.

Le cours Répartition du Transport Routier vous ouvre la porte sur une des plus grandes industries au pays – le transport routier.

Encadrant chaque camion sur la route se retrouve une équipe de spécialistes en information qui permet aux camionneurs de livrer leurs chargements d’une manière efficace. Le cours vous permet de développer les compétences nécessaires et la confiance pour accéder à des postes convoités en vous immergeant dans les sujets et concepts obligatoires.

De plus, vous apprendrez à connaître les logiciels populaires pour encadrer les déplacements des camionneurs. Le cours est idéal pour les individus qui veulent œuvrer dans l’industrie du transport routier sans les exigences physiques associées à la conduite des camions.

Do you have strong communication skills, work well under pressure and can multi-task effectively?

If so, our Transportation Operations & Dispatching program may be the perfect option for you. Our program prepares you to maintain computer, radio and/or phone contact with drivers, properly weigh trucks, maintain mileage, fuel use, expense logs and computerized records, monitor workloads, provide route and traffic advice to drivers, dispatch emergency assistance when needed, and much more.

Graduates of our program can explore a career path as an operations manager, safety & compliance officer, logbook auditor, fleet maintenance officer, load planner, local and highway dispatcher and much more.

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Get in touch to learn more about Automotive Training Centre’s Montreal campus. We’ll help you choose the program that’s right for you and provide information on financing options, admissions requirements, our curriculum and much more. Let ATC help you get on the path to a career you will love!

Why Choose Automotive Training Centre?

Automotive training is all we do

For over 35 years, our sole focus has been providing exceptional technical training to students who share our passion and enthusiasm for all things automotive. It’s all we do – and we do it well!

An immersive, hands-on learning experience

Our campus includes the very latest equipment and simulates a real auto repair shop to provide students with a learning environment that truly prepares them for their future career. You’ll get hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art shop and game-based training that lets you visualize mechanics on a deeper level.

We provide life/school balance

We are committed to helping you get the training you need for a new career. We offer flexible class schedules, field-related practicums and financial assistance options and extensive career placement assistance to make sure you can get your diploma with minimal disruption to your everyday commitments.

Our career placement services

Our commitment to your success extends beyond our campus. Through our relationships with industry employers, we will help you transition from training to employment so you can put your new skills into practice as quickly as possible!

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Get in touch to learn more about Automotive Training Centre’s Montreal campus. We’ll help you choose the program that’s right for you and provide information on financing options, admissions requirements, our curriculum and much more. Let ATC help you get on the path to a career you will love!

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