In virtually all industries, goods and products need to be moved from location to location, to be loaded and unloaded. It’s the role of transportation operators and dispatchers to oversee the many moving parts involved with transporting these goods in a safe and timely manner. A diploma from ATC prepares you for a career path as an operations manager, logistic and brokerage clerk, dispatcher, driver manager, load planner, safety and compliance officer and more.
ATC’s Transportation Operations and Dispatching program provides you with the computer, time management and safety skills that are required for this often-demanding profession. Taught by experienced instructors, our program develops your knowledge of, and provides hands-on training, in:

  • Industry-standard software, including Load Link, PC Miler, Freight Logix and more
  • Computer dispatching, daily dispatch challenges and dispatcher interpersonal and professional skills
  • Industry terminology, shipping conditions, rules, laws and regulations and more
  • Creating vehicle maintenance files, identifying methods of reducing and controlling costs and calculating measures of performance
  • Fleet maintenance administration
  • Time management, effective communications, load delivery planning and conflict resolution

Our students spend over half of the program getting real-time training in our transportation computer lab, practicing through real-world satellite links, giving them a real taste of the world of transportation and dispatching. Ready for more information? Fill out our form today!

Why Choose Automotive Training Centres (ATC)?

We have over twenty-five years of experience in providing excellent technical training

Our sole focus is automotive education. It’s all we do, and we do it well!

Our Auto Detailing students spend up to 85% of the program in our state-of-the-art shop, getting practical, hands-on experience

Our flexible schedules allow you to find a timetable that works best for you

Our experienced educators share your passion and keep class sizes small for a personalized learning experience

Our campus features the very latest industry-related equipment and includes a full auto repair shop

It’s time to turn your love of all things automotive into a career you’re going to love. Use the online form to get in touch with ATC’s Cambridge campus. Learn more about admissions requirements, financing options, program lengths and more. A rewarding future in the automotive industry is right around the corner!


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